We produce up to 40 m3 of planed timber per day: from beams to planks of any size (spruce, pine, birch, asp). Considering that the company works primarily with valuable breeds of wood, attention is given to quality storing of wood, transportation and storage of the material. Utilization of only private wood in our entrepreneurship allows to guarantee quality and durability of our products.

Our company offers services to deliver products the clients warehouse or facility. The client has the right to use their own transport to deliver the ordered products to its destination. In case of utilizing company’s auto transport, manager is obligated to preliminarily calculate the cost of delivery of the products to the customer’s facility and coordinate with him the terms and the duration of the products delivery. Please call the sales office to finalize the terms of the delivery.

DA Paritets specializes on production and sales of products out of Siberian Larch. This lumber type is renowned for being highly resistant to temperature changes, high humidity and mechanical impact. Siberian Larch is a suitable material for any situation, and will guarantee warmth and comfort to your home.

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